The retail clothing industry has wasted too many years excluding specific facets of the buying population: people larger than runway models, people living with disabilities, and people with “niche” interests. Tailored is here to offer artisan knitting services to all consumers of fine textiles.

A small workshop is well-suited to produce small batches of items for boutiques catering to specific clientele. All manner of adjustments to the Readymade designs are welcome. There are no minimums for purchase orders, and all terms and policies may be negotiated to suit your individual needs.

Currently, we offer two lines (for children and adults) of Readymades, as well as Home items, such as throw blankets and pillows. Please email for details or a line sheet: wholesale_buyers@tailoredknitsthatfit.com. If you’d prefer to simply join our email A-list, send a message to a-list@tailoredknitsthatfit.com with the subject line: Sign me up!

Checkerboard Beanies, for newborns.
Checkerboard Beanies, in a variety of colors, for newborns. These items are made with a bamboo-acrylic blended yarn.
Knitted stuffed toys; Bunnies
Stuffed toys: a family of bunnies, available in Baby, Mama, and Papa sizes! Stuffing is all-organic raw cotton, and tails are cotton yarn, while the bodies are knitted with a bamboo-acrylic blended yarn.
Stroller Topper, checkerboard design, blanket and matching beanie.
Stroller Topper blanket, in Checkerboard design, white edging. Shown here with a Checkerboard Beanie made in matching colors. All yarn used is a bamboo-acrylic blend.
Adult Checkerboard Beanies, sizes Median and Ultra.
Checkerboard Beanies in adult sizes, made with angora-bamboo-wool blended yarn. Ultra-sized heads are easily accommodated!
Drivers Cap, Ultra size.
Drivers Cap made with organic cotton yarn. Custom made for the big & tall & stylish.
Matching set, Checkerboard Beanie and Circular Scarf.
Have a matching set made in the same yarn! Checkerboard Beanie in Laurel Leaf green shown here with matching Circular Scarf, both in Median size.