Tailored offers artisanal knitting services to consumers of all sizes of fine textiles.

I am primarily focused on providing knitwear that fits, rather than promoting any particular fiber, color, or stitch pattern. Still, I prioritize yarn spun from sustainable, Fair Trade, organic or otherwise regenerative fiber sources. My line sheet provides guidance for generally available sizes, but I will collaborate with you on orders that suit the unique needs of your clientele (for instance, school color combos). Each batch is made to order, and delivered via your choice of courier.

Currently, I offer two collections of Readymades: Northern and Southern. See the collection description page for details. Please submit a line sheet request via the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d prefer to simply join the email A-list, click the button below!

Adult Checkerboard Beanies, sizes Median and Ultra.
Checkerboard Beanies in adult sizes, made with angora-bamboo-wool blended yarn. Ultra-sized heads are easily accommodated!
Drivers Cap, Ultra size.
Matching Beanie and Ended Scarf, of the Southern Collection.
Matching set, Checkerboard Beanie and Circular Scarf.
Have a matching set made in the same yarn! Checkerboard Beanie in Laurel Leaf green shown here with matching Circular Scarf, both in Median size.

Submit this form to request specific information or a pdf of my line sheet: