Tailored offers artisanal knitting services to consumers of all sizes of fine textiles.

I am primarily focused on providing knitwear that fits, rather than promoting any particular fiber, color, or stitch pattern. My line sheet provides guidance for generally available sizes, but I will collaborate with you on orders that suit the unique needs of your clientele. Each batch is made to order, and delivered via your choice of courier.

Currently, I offer two collections of Readymades: Northern and Southern. See the collection description page for details. Please email for a line sheet: wholesale_buyers@tailoredknitsthatfit.com. If you’d prefer to simply join our email A-list, click the button below!

Adult Checkerboard Beanies, sizes Median and Ultra.
Checkerboard Beanies in adult sizes, made with angora-bamboo-wool blended yarn. Ultra-sized heads are easily accommodated!
Drivers Cap, Ultra size.
Matching Beanie and Ended Scarf, of the Southern Collection.
Matching set, Checkerboard Beanie and Circular Scarf.
Have a matching set made in the same yarn! Checkerboard Beanie in Laurel Leaf green shown here with matching Circular Scarf, both in Median size.