Slider Gloves

Convertible glove knitting pattern updated for the 21st century!

Do you …

… enjoy wearing hand-knitted full-fingered gloves but dislike frequently removing them for daily tasks?

… love using fingerprint ID on smartphones, etc.?

… enjoy outdoor photography but struggle to operate small buttons/dials in cold weather?

… love wearing your knits but hate the idea of looking “weird”?

… take pleasure in the envy of others when using innovative gadgets in public?

So do I! We want it all, all the time: the warmth of our favorite sock yarn on our hands, perfectly fitting our unique measurements, as well as instant access to our favorite technology, without sacrificing style. The Sliders Gloves knitting pattern will challenge your skills just enough to be interesting, yet empower you to be ready for anything life throws your way.

Here are the particulars:

  • The pattern is in pdf format, so it can easily work in your favorite knitting app as well as on your computer or mobile device. 
  • Knitters who have never attempted gloves before will find detailed instructions on basic glove construction, as well as clear photos and links to video tutorials.
  • Experienced glove knitters can substitute their preferred methods, add their own flair with a stitch pattern on the backs of the hands, and skip right to the juicy bits.
  • I am happy to answer any question you may have along the way by email, whether through Ravelry or my own website,

Let’s think differently about gloves!

Give yourself time to practice the Sliders design without stressing out, and soon you’ll be enjoying wearing more your new pair this year. The sooner you download and cast on, the closer you’ll be to feeling and looking like a genius!

To buy the Slider Gloves knitting pattern now ($7.00 USD) from, click this button (you’ll be directed to the Rav pattern page):

If you prefer an alternative to Ravelry, you can buy directly from me (for the same price) by clicking this button instead!

To understand the magic of the Sliders, watch this video of the fingers in action …

You may be thinking:

“How practical are these Slider things, really?”

Sliders make certain things possible that would have been highly unlikely otherwise. You can pick up that dime you see on the street without breaking your stride. You can scroll through emails and texts while being jostled by crowds on a busy commute on a crowded train or bus without losing track of the glove for your dominant hand. You can stop to befriend that cute neighbor dog by offering him treats without worrying about him licking your prize yarn. 

Or, you may be wondering:

“Does the traditional glove design really need an update?”

The new century has brought us touchscreen technology, biometrics, and smartphones so smooth they could easily escape the grip of knitted fabric. Urban areas are packed with people walking to work who would love to be able to munch on a hot pretzel or powdery doughnut as they go, even in the depths of winter. Street vendors have always struggled to balance the need to stay warm in winter while keeping a good handle on change or credit cards. Buttons have gotten smaller and schedules have gotten shorter, so no one has the time to fumble. Yet the weather is still harsh and unforgiving, so we knitters need to lead the way in adapting our designs to suit our evolving lifestyles. 

Perhaps you’re concerned:

“Ok, Sliders sound great, but is this pattern going to be more trouble than it’s worth?”

  • Only minimal increasing/decreasing required, and you are free to use whichever is your favorite method. 
  • Absolutely NO NEED to buy special magnetic thread to be added later with a sewing needle. 
  • Glove fingers require only picking up stitches and simple seaming.
  • No Kitchener required at all!