Tailored has artisanal, sustainable knitwear for the hard-to-fit and the eco-conscious.

Beanie and scarf, both of the Northern collection, color Peche.

“What’s special about Tailored knits?”

Tailored offers size-inclusive knitwear, available in environment-friendly fibers. I want to be that friend who knits for those who do not, and for you, too! I provide knitwear in three sizes, to accommodate people of petite, plus, big and tall sizes. My size Infra is intended for people of modest stature (women of heights 5’ 3” or below, and men of heights 5’ 5” or below). Median represents sizes already well-supplied by mainstream fashion manufacturers. And, for those of heights/circumferences above the mainstream ranges, my Ultra sizes are available. I use yarns spun from sustainable plants, like bamboo and cotton, in addition to ethically raised animals, like sheep and alpacas on regenerative-agriculture ranches. I use ahimsa silk for all custom orders, and wherever possible for Readymades. Also, each item is entirely handmade!

Ahimsa Silk cocoons, link to url: https://blog.culturalelements.com/what-is-ahimsa-silk/
Click the image to learn more about Ahimsa Silk.
Gang of sheep wearing shades, link to url: https://www.woolmark.com/environment/regenerative-agriculture/
Click the image to learn more about regenerative agriculture and Merino wool, from Woolmark.

“What does ‘Tailored’ mean?”

Knitwear that is streamlined, elegant, and functional on multiple levels is Tailored. Accessories that are “slow-fashion,” durable, and classically stylish are Tailored. Knitted designs that adapt to all sensitivities, accommodate all shapes and sizes, and are infinitely customizable are definitely Tailored!

These knits will help you to blend in, even while standing out! You can wear a beanie/scarf set just like those in the biggest department stores,yet in the fiber that feels best on your skin, in the color that suits your complexion best (or simply brings you the most joy!), and in the size that flatters your particular shape most.

“Why do I need Tailored knitwear?”

Tailored—Knits That Fit provides handmade knitwear for all shapes of people, in all available fibers, and in all sizes. If you’ve had a difficult time finding scarves that are short/long enough for your height, or beanies small/big enough to comfortably protect your head, Tailored knits are the way to go for you! If you are a mainstream size yet feel committed to fighting climate change in even the smallest aspects of your lifestyle, Tailored knits made from regen-ag fibers are perfect for you! I am happy to provide vegan fibers as well as exotic ones (such as yarn made from silver or pearls!). At this early stage of my company’s development, I am primarily focused on producing knitted hats and scarves, but any custom design will be considered. Production is entirely designed and made by hand in the United States, and can be delivered to any address worldwide. I am committed to creating functional art of the highest quality, which will care for its uniquely suited owner for years to come.

Beanie and scarf, both of the Southern collection, color Flamenco.

To purchase a Readymade item, click the button below.

To contact Tailored for information on placing wholesale orders, you may email wholesale_buyers@tailoredknitsthatfit.com.

“Who is the designer—this Natalie De Anda?”

I am the Chief Needle Artist and sole proprietor, based in Los Angeles, California. I am a knitter who learned the craft from an instructional booklet during junior high school, in the mild climate of Southern California, USA. I am outside of the mainstream fashion size spectrum: shoulders too narrow, belly too big, hips too small, waist too big, and feet of two different widths (though both feet have too big a circumference!). When I learned how to work my knitting in such a way as to fit my particular shape, I felt like a powerful fairy godmother! Knowing how many others in the world currently feel more like Cinderella, I wanted to knit every thing for everyone else, most especially for consumers with special needs, such as autism or amputation. Tailored—Knits That Fit was created to bring petite as well as plus sizes in from the cold, beginning with properly fitting hats and scarves.

I live and work in East Los Angeles, California. Currently, items are being produced using the yarn stock on hand, but I am happy to track down the perfect fiber to accommodate a client’s allergic or sensitivity needs for custom or pre-orders. Custom stitch patterns are also negotiable, with prices adjusted accordingly. I enjoy a problem-solving challenge, so bring it on!

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