I started this knitting service company because I noticed that some people are left out of the mainstream of society for reasons beyond their control, and my own experience assures me that being on the outside yearning to be in is always painful. When I learned how to knit garments that can accommodate and thereby include anyone, I wanted to bring everyone in from the cold! My research into the most recent fashion industry trends of “adaptive” and “size-inclusive” designs has only strengthened my resolve.

Currently, my work is no longer available for sale via my Etsy shop, and I plan to close the Etsy shop altogether by June 1, 2019.

I am updating my production procedures to fulfill wholesale orders for retailers who recognize the value in offering sensory-friendly, eco-friendly, and plus-size knitwear.

I am also ready to join forces with other knitters who want to put their needles to work, producing garments that warm both bodies and souls. Let’s see what we can do together! Email me at admin@tailoredknitsthat fit.com to start the conversation.

To contact Tailored for information on placing wholesale orders, you may email wholesale_buyers@tailoredknitsthatfit.com.

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