Some people are left out of the mainstream of society for reasons beyond their control, due to environment, culture, or medical circumstances. Being on the outside and yearning to be in is always painful. A human society thrives when diverse individuals cooperate and combine their talents for the greater good of all. To date, the fashion industry has done a poor job of addressing the needs and desires of all facets of the market, choosing to serve a minority of sizes and shapes, and fostering an attitude that judges everyone else as less-than-beautiful.

Tailored—Knits That Fit provides handmade knitwear for all shapes of people, in all available fibers, and in all sizes. We make a special effort to reach consumers of Plus-size and Sensory-adaptive garments. At this early stage of the company’s development, we are primarily focused on producing knitted hats and scarves, but any custom order will be considered. Production is entirely designed and made in the United States, and can be delivered to any address worldwide. Each Tailored product is made by a friendly and meticulous needle artist, committed to creating functional art of the highest quality which will care for its uniquely suited owner for years to come.

Recently, Tailored items were available for sale via an Etsy shop, but they are now available exclusively at this site and via wholesale arrangements.

To contact Tailored for information on placing wholesale orders, you may email wholesale_buyers@tailoredknitsthatfit.com.

About the Owner: Natalie De Anda is the Chief Needle Artist and sole proprietor, based in Los Angeles, California. “When I learned how to knit garments that can be modified to include anyone, I wanted to bring everyone in from the cold! My research into the most recent fashion industry trends of ‘adaptive’ and ‘size-inclusive’ designs has only strengthened my resolve.”

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