New offering for my readers!

I am now an Amazon Associate!

As of today, I am an Amazon Associate, which means that I have agreed with to offer my readers a link to one or two of their products, which will be relevant to my posts either by reference or by being similar to something I’ve referenced, and Amazon has agreed to pay me a little something in return for advertising on their behalf in this way. It won’t cost you anything extra above the posted purchase price, but it will help me keep the blog moving forward for my business.

Please keep in mind that I intend to only choose products to link which I am willing to use myself, and which will help you improve your knitting as I would like to improve my own. And just because you click on the link, it doesn’t require you to go ahead and complete the transaction if you don’t like what you see on the product page. You will always have an opportunity to choose whether to proceed or not.

As my first attempt, here is a link to a well-known brand of interchangeable needle cables, which will be an excellent tool to use for My Provisional Cast-On, described in my last post. I don’t know if it will be perfectly compatible with other brands of interchangeable needle tips, but perhaps a previous buyer will have a helpful comment or review posted.


Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Single Cord 16″ Yellow