Welcome to Tailored!

Tailored is a new business, where orders are customized for a great fit, whether you need a particular size or color, a specific fiber to avoid allergic reactions, or a unique structure that’s never been seen before. All items are hand knitted by a real person, so some may take a little more time and cost a little more than you might be used to. But all are made with love, so they are worth the wait and the price.

My name is Natalie, and I will be managing the posts on this blog. I would love to hear your thoughts, wishes, and ideas! I look forward to your posts.

In the future, I will post articles about alternative fibers (basically, anything other than sheep wool), knitting, and those who love knitted things. Eventually, you will be able to place orders through this site. Hopefully, customers will also share their reviews and photos after making their purchases.

We are here to serve your needs and desires for handcrafted knits. Thank you.