Fairy Godmother of Knits

Dulac illustration of FG sending C to ball

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What I wish for …

I wish to be the person who can provide the knitted garment of your dreams. I want my scarf to feel like a warm hug from a loved one. I want my hats and other things to remind you, no matter where you travel in this seemingly embattled world, that you are loved unconditionally. If you have sensitivities that block you from mainstream knits, I want to conjure something that accommodates you while including you among the community. If the only obstacle between you and your dream is the right knitwear, I want to wave my magic needles and get you into the castle!

I believe that you deserve to feel the softest bamboo or cashmere, or even silk or bison, next to your skin, no matter where you hail from. I believe that many ethical alternatives to cheap acrylics exist, and I wish to bring them to everyone who wants to make a difference to climate change while being thoughtful to animals.

I wish all people could have the opportunity to appreciate the wonderful aspects of natural fibers in their clothing. Wool can protect the animal that grows it, sustain the spinners and dyers that transform it into yarn, inspire the knitter who uses it to craft a garment, protect the wearer, then biodegrade to replenish the earth and nourish the next animal that comes along to begin the cycle again. I want to participate in any efforts to optimize that cycle, to further its beneficial expansion.