Slider Seaming Tutorial Videos

I needed to use very short videos to embed in the pattern pdf, but the longer versions may be more helpful. Unfortunately, some of these videos used the wrong color light, recorded the sound of the office air conditioning, or didn’t get edited for my fumble-fingers; please forgive those. So here are the versions that were too long to include but are just right to show you how the magic is made!

Video 1: on 3 DPNs, first stitch of flap (K2tog-pass stitch over)

Video 2: on 2 DPNs, K2tog for last stitch of flap row

Video 3: Seaming the first side of flap to finger, inside-out

Video 4: Seaming the second side of flap

Video 5: Seaming the third side of flap

Video 6: After securing knot at corner of flap, weaving and trimming end. Turn right-side back out!

As I often remind myself, your seaming skills are plenty good enough as long as everything holds together and no one has to see the inside! I am happy to answer any questions about this pattern via Ravelry’s message system!

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