Birthday Gifts–for you!

My birthday is this month! Since this is the Internet, I won’t specify which one, or when, but I will be giving gifts to celebrate!

You heard that right! All through the month of July 2016, I will be using 10% of all profits from sales of ready-made items to fund the creation of handknitted goodies which will be donated to charitable organizations. All current prices as o 12:01 am, July 1, 2016, will remain exactly the same, so my clients will not perceive any difference in the quality or cost of their purchases. But each item purchased will contribute to the support of several of my favorite charities. I will be inquiring as to each organization’s needs, and tailoring Gift Items suited to them. As the profits come in, the Gifts will go out, and the love will spread across the world.

To add to the love, I will be creating a new line of knitters’ jewelry for sale: progress keepers, stitch markers, and scarf pins to make even the act of crafting as delightful as possible. Look for them in the next week at my Etsy shop.

I will also be knitting up Handy Hearts, wonderful knitting notions holders which are themselves knitted, using a pattern designed by Mama Linda, aka Stoneybrooke, and available for a free download on Each Heart will hold a tape measure, darning needle, stitch markers, and an attached leash with a lanyard hook and a buttoned loop upon which to attach your own pair of scissors. It will have plenty of room to add your own knitting essentials as well, so that no matter where you knit, you will never find yourself without a crucial tool. Handy Hearts will be added to the Etsy shop soon.

Please share this opportunity with everyone you know, and tell them they can get themselves a treat while simultaneously treating someone who really needs it.

I will soon be posting the names of my charities, along with a list of my planned donations for each, in a future post on this blog. As the Gifts are funded, I will also post pictures of the Gift Items and, depending on organizational policies, pictures of the recipients as well. If you buy yourself a Treat Item and wish to attach a message of encouragement and hope for the recipient, I will make that available during checkout and I will pass the message along (anonymously or not, as you wish).

I believe this will be my happiest birthday ever!

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