What are the Northern/Southern collections?

Tailored uses two different methods of producing knitted items.

Northern Collection

Two hand-held knitting needles produce a fabric that is dense and bulky. This fabric is more wind-resistant and heat-trapping, and thus better suited to the harsher weather prevalent in northern climates. This process is traditionally time-consuming, so although the identical yarn is used for both collections, Northern Collection lead times are significantly longer. A beanie can be produced in less than one week, while a single scarf will take up to three weeks.

Southern Collection

The loom machine with many fixed-gauge needles produces a fabric with a very open weave, which is light and breathable. This fabric is better suited to the moderate weather prevalent in southern climates with variable weather conditions, and collapsible for easily packing in your bag. The loom machine process results in far shorter lead times for Southern Collection items. One set of three beanies can be shelf-ready in four days, and a set of three scarves will take about one week to be ready to sell.