These hats keep you warm while on the move.

Made of soft yarn in a bamboo/angora/wool blend, these hats sit snugly on your head without fussing with a folded cuff. Choose the size that covers you best: Infra for heads of 21 inches circumference or less, Median for heads of 22-23 inches, or Ultra for 24 inches or more.

Northern collection

Checkerboard pattern of knits and purls is classic and goes with everything. Fabric is denser and still drapey.

Southern collection

Weave is plain knit, more open. Double layers mean it’s still warm, though lightweight. Brim is more tight, so no need for folding up; fits to cover ears just so. For slouch, buy next size up.

As the holidays approach, you may want to give a handcrafted item to someone who is not used to artisanal products (like my own mom, for example!); naturally, you may be apprehensive about how your gift will be received (or rejected; don’t ask!). I want to make your giving as successful as possible, so I offer this assurance: If you purchase a gift here, whether for yourself or someone else, and your recipient is not 100% satisfied, I will try to make it right; if that’s not possible, return the item and I will send you a gift card to the department store of your choice in the amount of the purchase price plus your shipping costs to that date.

Let’s pull your new knitwear wardrobe together.

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