Referral Rewards


If you are a knitter or a crocheter, you may get asked by your non-crafty friends to “make something for me” at a time when your schedule does not allow you to oblige. Rather than leave your friend out in the cold, you may refer them to Tailored! If your friend chooses to place an order–whether for a Readymade item or for a custom order–you can receive a reward, a small token of my gratitude for your help. No matter the size of your friend’s transaction, you will have your choice of any one item listed on the Knitters Only page, in the color you specify, sent to you at no charge (not even for shipping!).


First, tell your friend to visit this site, specifically The Shop. Be sure they are aware that they need to mention the fact that they were referred (though they DON’T need to give your name), should they decide to purchase.

Next, we wait to see what your friend decides. If nothing comes of it, no worries. If they do place an order, they must let you know so that you can collect your reward. They’ll get a reminder, at least twice, from us!

After the successful transaction is complete, you need only send a message to with your friend’s name, your choice of reward, and a shipping address. You will receive an email confirmation in 24 hours, and your reward will be shipped within a week.

That’s all there is to it! There are no limits on how many referrals you may make, and the value of your reward need have no relevance to your friend’s transaction size. Please do wait for your friend’s order to be fully processed before requesting your reward, though, and rewards are limited to one item per referral.

Tailored’s mission is to ensure that everyone who appreciates handmade knits has access to them, even if they cannot knit themselves. When you refer a friend to us, you get more time to spend on your own projects in your already-busy life, simultaneously making your friends happy and warm.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy!