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This is where Readymade items are showcased for sale.

If you are already well versed in the fiber arts, you might enjoy some of the notions and services which have proven useful in creating Tailored’s products, over on the Knitters Only page.

On the other hand, you may not be interested in creating knits as much as in wearing them. For you, these Readymade hats, scarves, and other items have been knitted, finished, and packaged, ready to bring you warmth and style today! Scroll down to see what’s available now. My Etsy listings have migrated to this site, although the shop is not completely closed. If you have any questions about either shop, please email me at

If you are looking for something you can’t find here, I will be happy to collaborate on a custom order. We may end up creating The Next Big Thing to trend on the fashion landscape! Click over to the Custom Orders page to get the process started.

Menu of Offerings

  • Hats
    • Flat Caps
    • Beanies
  • Scarves
    • Circular Scarves
    • Ended Scarves
    • Skinny Scarves
  • Children’s Items
    • Baby Blankets
    • Stuffed Toys
  • Experimentals


Flat Caps

Flat Cap

This classic hat style can be made in any fiber you like, and any color. This price is for a Median size, to fit heads of 22-24 inches circumference.



The simplest way to keep warm! Children’s hats come in Newborn, Toddler, and Child. Adult hats come in three sizes: Infra (also great for Teens!), Median, and Ultra (best for head circumference of 24 inches or more). If you’d like one of these hats in a different color or size, please email your request to Lead time for production is about one week. Please allow at least one week for shipping (free to all U.S. addresses, $15.00 for all international addresses).

The Northern and Southern collections are limited editions of Readymades, in a yarn made of a blend of wool, angora, and bamboo. For details, click the button below.

If you’ve already decided to purchase an item from the collections above, click here to go straight to fill your cart!

If you decide you’d like to buy one or more of the items listed below, be assured they are completed and ready to be shipped to you immediately! Simply indicate the quantity, click the PayPal button, and get ready to enjoy!

Ribbed Beanie, Toddler, black

Stretchy and soft! Acrylic fiber from recycled plastic bottles. For children’s head circumferences of 16-18 inches.


Sunhat, Toddler, white

Super-soft yarn of acrylic/bamboo blend, which is machine washable. Eyelets throughout the body of the hat provide ventilation. The hemmed brim stands out from the forehead to provide shade to the child’s eyes. For children’s head circumferences of 16-18 inches.



Wear them as long loops or twisted up snug, either way they protect you from the cold wind.

If you’d like a scarf that’s not shown here, feel free to place a pre-order. Just email with the specifics and we’ll get started right away!

Baby blankets

Two styles of blankets for keeping babies safe and warm are available: traditional and Babypods. The traditional style is a flat fabric in a checkerboard stitch pattern with a rounded, I-cord edging. It is sized to fit a stroller and still serve as the child grows to be a toddler. The Babypod is a new style in the shape of an elongated beanie, turned upside down to swaddle a newborn in comfort and style. No need to worry that the blanket will fall to the ground as you juggle baby and the diaper bag with one hand! Each pod comes with a complimentary matching hat!

Babypod with Topknot Hat, Newborn size, pink and variegated green

Pod circumference is 22 inches, length is 23 inches. Hat circumference is 10 inches, length is 6 inches. Yarn is an acrylic/bamboo blend, machine washable.


Babypod with Beanie, Newborn size, light blue and variegated dark blue

Pod circumference is 22 inches, length is 23 inches. Hat circumference is 10 inches, length is 6 inches. Yarn is an acrylic/bamboo blend, machine washable.


Stroller Topper, Checkerboard, Newborn, variegated blue

Protection from the chill while on the go. Yarn is acrylic/bamboo blend, machine washable. Same yarn is used for edging, in white.


Stuffed Toys

Introducing … the Bunny Family! All made from a machine-washable blend of acrylic and bamboo fibers, they are soft and huggable, and eager to join your family!

Stuffed Bunny, Papa size, bright pink

Yarn is acrylic/bamboo blend. Stuffing is 100% organic cotton. Tail is 100% cotton yarn.


Stuffed Bunny, Baby size, variegated pink-purple-green

Yarn is acrylic/bamboo blend. Stuffing is 100% organic cotton. Tail is 100% cotton yarn. Shown here for scale, this item is the smallest size, in the color of the middle size.


Stuffed Bunny, Baby size, brown

Yarn is acrylic/bamboo blend. Stuffing is 100% organic cotton. Tail is 100% cotton yarn. Shown here for scale, next to the green Papa size. Face is embellished.



These items are the results of experiments which, while successful, will not be included in future collections. These items are presented here at a discount, so make the most of this opportunity!

Slouchy Beanie, adult Median, red-purple-gold

Sized for an average head circumference of 22-23 inches, this hat’s height is a bit extra long, to give that slouchy look. Yarn used is 100% bamboo, so the ribbed brim feels silky on your forehead. The seed stitch pattern has a nubby texture. The extra room offered by the hat’s body won’t squash your curls, thus avoiding hat-head!


Wide Ribbed Beanie, adult Median, dark brown

I tried a different rib design and found that it was not my favorite, but perhaps you like it? Bamboo/wool/silk blend is easy on and off. For regular head circumferences 22-23 inches.


Baby Beanie, Newborn or Toddler, white

This darling hat has a doubled brim that stands away from the face a bit, to offer some shade to the eyes of a young toddler. The height is 4.5 inches from brim edge to crown, and the body stitch pattern is plain, with no eyelets. Best for weather both bright and chilly.


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